Over go Safety features

Your safety rests at the heart of the Jeep® Renegade. With over 60 available safety & security features, many of which you would normally associate with the top end, larger SUV’s, you'll feel safe behind the wheel of the Jeep® Renegade, whatever you're doing. The Jeep® Renegade is the first in its class to offer Forward Collision Warning-Plus and LaneSense™, Lane Departure Warning-Plus, discover how these systems can keep you safer on the road by reading below.  *The features available are dependent on version and / or options chosen.

IT intervenes in 3 steps:

Step 1 - Predictive Collision Warning: providing audible and visible alerts as well as a brake jerk to warn that the vehicle is approaching an obstacle in its path. 

Step 2 - Advanced Brake Assist: if the driver is reacting but not braking enough,
ABA will increase the braking pressure to avoid/mitigate the accident. 

Step 3 - Collision Mitigation System: if the driver doesn’t react the system will activate
the brake system to avoid/mitigate the collision.

Driver assist: Lanesense™ lane departure warning-plus

This intelligent safety system monitors your vehicle lane position with the use of cameras. If the vehicle approaches the lane boundaries unintentionally, the system will assist the driver with visual warnings. Additionally, in case of lane drift detection, the system also interacts with the electronic power steering to deliver a torque-input to assist the driver with a corrective action.

Blind spot monitoring

By constantly monitoring the space between your vehicle and others, the Blind Spot Monitoring System helps you maintain the right safety distance. When a side or rear blind spot is detected, you are notified via illuminated icons on the side view mirrors or an audible chime.

Never look back: Rear camera with dynamic lines

Expand your field of vision. With the ParkView rear back-up camera you'll have clearer visibility when reversing, as well as movement and direction guidance thanks to Dynamic Lines.

Freedom to explore

The Jeep® Renegade helps you get the best out of any driving situation with key Jeep® DNA safety features found across the Jeep range. Features like Hill Descent Control (HDC) to easily descend steep grades, Hill Start Assist (HSA) to start a vehicle on a hill, and a Tyre-Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that informs you when the tyre pressure is too low.